Eating Healthy Means Better Skin


Have you ever wondered what makes your skin glow and appear fresh? What is it that you are forgetting when it comes to the care of your skin? 

You often run to beauty salons or dermatologists for getting skin treatments. And sometimes, you buy and use expensive creams to make your skin look healthy. But, you might be unaware that you are indirectly causing damage to your skin through these quick and unorganic fixes.

Just as your body is affected by diet, exactly in the same way your skin gets affected too. Skin constitutes the outer covering of your body. How can you expect your organs to be healthy if your skin starts deteriorating? There is no way you can truly be healthy until and unless you look fresh and healthy on the outside.  

For a healthy skin, you must revise your diet plan. It is of the utmost importance that you intake nutrients that provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body. A healthy body is sure to have a healthy heart and healthy skin. 

According to a study, there has been found a direct connection between food intake and skin wrinkling. Researchers found that people with lower consumption of green vegetables and olive oil tend to get wrinkle easily as compared to those with high intake of vegetables. Moreover, people with greater intake of sugar, margarine, and dairy products were found prone to wrinkles. 

Moreover, the use of minerals such as zinc makes your skin look healthy. The shortage of zinc leads to pigmentation. Similarly, vitamin C is useful to maintain the structure of your skin. Vitamin E along with ascorbic acid and vitamin C helps prevent your skin from damage by the sun. 

Additionally, most people believe that fat intake will increase the chance of obesity in their body. However, the intake of fat is equally essential for you. It acts as a protector to your skin against many skin problems. Moreover, food high on fat such as potatoes contain niacin, manganese, and phosphorous. Niacin is essential for fighting diseases such as Alzheimer's. The antioxidant present in potato is vitamin C. This helps protect your skin from skin damage.

Health experts also recommend more water intake to keep your skin hydrated. Fish also has essential nutrients that can cause a positive impact on your skin health. 

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you must work on having a balanced diet plan. The excess of one nutrient could lead to negative results. If you can’t work out a proper diet plan, then it is better to consult a doctor because prevention is better than cure.